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Cleansing Milk Normal/ Combination



Centella Cleansing Milk Normal/Combination gently cleanses the skin, helping to eliminate impurities. It
contains no solvents, reducing the chance of irritation. This cleansing milk has healing,
antiseptic and antioxidant properties to help rebalance the skin.

Hazelnut Virgin Oil – Locks in moisture, rich in tannins to repair broken skin.
Essential oil – Lemon – toning, refreshing, astringent, relaxing, brightening.
Extract of elder – astringent, detergent, emollient.
Extract of Centella – aids with collagen and elastin production, anti-ageing, softening, soothing.

*Not for people with sensitive skin as it contains Thyme.

Application – Used morning and night. Apply to face and neck, and wipe off with cotton pads or damp sponge.