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Lift Eye Contour



Centella LIFT Eye Contour is an exceptionally nourishing cream specifically designed for the delicate lip and eye area. It targets crow’s feet, puffy eyes and wrinkles around the lips. Aids in firming and soothing inflamed skin.

Cornflower Flower Water – Decongests, relieves tired swallon eyes. Reduces dark circles and wrinkles.
Everlasting Flower Water – Helichrysum – retains moisture, anti inflammatory, disperse free radicals, delays cellular ageing, promotes production of collagen, phytosterols – new collagen stimulation.
Centella Extract- Stimulates collagen, strengthens venus walls and promotes healing
Aloe Vera Juice – Powerful moisturiser.

Application – Gently apply 1 pump from the inner to the outer eye using ring finger.