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Lift Firming Mask



Centella LIFT Firming Mask helps firms, tightens and hydrates skin. The ingredients include Everlasting Flower Water, Macadamia Nut Oil and Hazelnut Oil, which are both packed with essential fatty acids, free radical scavenging phytosterols and a host of other anti-ageing compounds. Helping to reduce dehydrated lines, calming of irritated skin, intense hydration, stimulate collagen that ensures the elasticity and the flexibility of the tissues and densifies the dermis.

Everlasting Flower Water -Retains moisture, disperse free radicals, promotes and stimulates collagen production.
Centella Asiatica – Powerful anti-ageing active principle. Stimulates collagen production.
Macadamia Oil- Nourishing and aids in plumping fine lines
Shea Butter- Nourishing and protects

Application – Apply a thin layer over your face neck, leave for 20min and rinse. You can sleep with it on for best results.