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Lift Firming Serum



Cenetella LIFT Firming Serum helps to improve the skin’s tone, suppleness and elasticity whilst stimulating elastin fibre remodelling and regeneration. This elixir not only promotes epidermal turnover but penetrates deeply to repair damaged cells resulting in firm plumped skin. Post-menopausal skin tends to become dry, course and flushed plus collagen production slows down, therefore this serum will greatly benefit those women who need TLC at this stage of their life. Studies indicate that extracts of the plant Centella Asiatica actually lead to anti-aging effects. This is why it is known as the ‘age reversal plant’ and forms an essential component of the Centella Lift Serum

Everlasting Flower water – Helichrysum – retains moisture, disperse free radicals, delays cellular aging, promotes production of collagen, phytosterols – new collagen stimulation.
Aloe Vera Juice – Powerful moisturiser
Centella Asiatica Extract – Stimulates collagen, strengthens Venus walls, anti-inflammatory, reduces scarring.
Fenugreek Extract and Hops Extract – Mimics estrogen, whilst increases elastin fibres

Application– AM and PM Apply 3 pumps to the face and neck before applying your Intensive anti-wrinkle treatment..