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Night Elixir



Cenetella Night Elixir uses actives from the medicine cabinet of Nature to intensely rejuvenate your skin in a targeted fashion. It aims to treat the signs of ageing by utilising anti-oxidants found in the essential oils that form the heart of this powerful mixture. This mixture contributes to an enhanced restructuring of the epidermal cells leading to smooth, toned, firm and radiant skin. Centella extract suspended in a nutrient rich sesame oil base emulsion helps keep, skin taut and hydrated. After just a few applications you will notice a more youthful, healthier and vibrant complexion with reduced puffiness and improved circulation.

Everlasting Oil Extr. – Regenerates the skin and delays cellular ageing, anti inflammatory.
Sesame Oil – Anti-inflammatory, Vitamin A + E, Omega 6.
Borage Oil – Maintains hydration and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
Centella Asiatica- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Stimulates collagen production.

Application – Apply 3 – 4 drops at night, gently pat onto the face.