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Schmelzkopf Resurfacing Peel



The botanical combination melts away the glue holding onto dead and damaged skin cells, making way for newer healthier cells to emerge, leaving you with brighter, fresher, smoother looking skin with zero down time.

Glycolic Acid – Removes the outer layer of dead skin cells. Removes skin discoloration and signs of aging; fine lines and wrinkles.
Billberry Extr. – Cleansing, tightening. Packed with antioxidants to strengthen the skins barrier and fight free radical damage.
Sugar Cane Extr. – Antiseptic, exfoliant, remove dirt, oil and unclog pores.
Sugar Maple Extr. – Natural AHA, promotes collagen, increase blood flow, correct discolouration from scarring and pigmentation. Improves appearance of surface lines and wrinkles. Prevents acne break outs and brightens complexion.
Orange Extr. – Vitamin C to clarify, brighten complexion and repair damage.
Lemon Extr. – Vitamin C- Increasing collagen + elastin, astringent, tonic, purifying.

Cleanse Skin.
Apply SC Resurfacing Peel evenly over face and neck with fingertips avoiding eyes and lips.
Leave for 1-3 minutes depending on tolerance.
Rinse off with cool water to neutralise solution
Follow with your skincare regimen, including sunscreen and moisturiser.
For use 1-2 times weekly